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Oktober 25, 2016

V i e n n e s e  C a f é s  

I'm trying to post here much more regularly because I really enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts and opinions. My sister recently moved to Vienna to study and me and my good friend James (@itsjamesadams on Instagram) are going to visit her in November. Vienna is basically my home away from home, since half of my family lives just outside of the city and I used to spend several weeks a year there. I've grown to love the city because it combines Eastern European vibes with chic and fancy architecture and, most importantly, an incredible coffee culture that I miss so much when I'm back in Germany. 

I started researching which places I have to see when I visit again, which cafés I haven't explored yet and which parts of the city are the best for taking beautiful photos, cause I'm not going to Vienna without my camera. My favorite place to plan for trips nowadays is definitely Instagram - it's real and shows what edited pictures by businesses don't show. Also: it's nice to look at because Instagram has some amazing photography to offer, even when shot with an iphone. When visiting Vienna I will check out the places I haven't seen on my list and update you here if I think the places are worth a visit. I will start with Cafés, but I have several posts coming up concerning Instaworthy spots and must-see places.

1 Café Leopold Hawelka 

This is a very cute and traditional café my dad used to take me to when I was a little girl. It's a must for anyone visiting Vienna who wants to experience what the city was like a couple of years ago - very artistic. It's also a good spot for taking pictures of your Viennese coffee and baked treat.

2 Café Sacher

Sachertorte is my all time favorite cake, hands down! My mum makes it all the time and I love it so much! I actually had cake and coffee at Café Sacher a couple of years ago (I was lucky and there were only 10 tourists in line waiting to get in) and it was fantastic. I have to say that I prefer my mum's Sacher because the one they served there was a little dry, but the location and atmosphere is quite unique. It's just something you have to try when you visit Vienna. Prepare yourself for Asian and American tourists though ;)

You don't even know how much I'm looking forward to a place that is dedicated to Latte Art! It's so hard to find a place for cute snaps and Instagram shots with beautiful Latte Art. I'll report on this place after visiting next month but it looks amazing, unique and fun. I wish we had this in Frankfurt, I would go every week.

 Café Demel

This is one of the more exciting cafés in Vienna, even if you just drop by without getting coffee. You can go to the back of the café and watch the workers making cakes, desserts and fancy showstoppers for parties and holidays. Definitely drop by and see for yourself.

5 Simply Raw Bakery

Sometimes I fancy a bit of a healthy meal (especially after cake, coffee and Cremeschnitten). I've never visited this bakery but it seems absolutely amazing! They offer breakfast, meals, smoothies, desserts and drinks and I will definitely try this place when I'm there and need to detox ;) 

Ein von Tanja (@tanjaz) gepostetes Foto am

Please let me know if you have any recommendations, places to see, coffees to drink or meals to eat. I'll be back with some more Vienna planning and locations soon! 

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