Jo Malone: My favorite scents

November 02, 2016

Whenever I come across a Jo Malone counter I need to have a browse, try out new scents, layer them, sniff the candles... it's a problem. I just love Jo Malone so much, it's my absolute favorite perfume brand of all time. Their scents are so unique and i can immediately tell when someone is wearing Jo Malone. Plus: it's not especially popular in Germany (yet) so you have that wonderful opportunity to not smell like everybody else. I'm going to go through my all time favorite Jo Malone colognes in today's post and I'd also like to know what your favorite Jo Malone scents are because I'm always looking for new finds.

I would say that Pomegranate Noir is one of my alltime favorites and I need to purchase it ASAP. For me it's quite wintery and not as fresh as, for example 'English Pear & Freesia'. It's perfect for fall and winter and I'm all about that. 

This is SUCH a unique scent, I can't explain it. I think it's definitely unisex so it has that musky, warm and spicy scent with just the right amount of sweetness. And it's a Cologne intense, so it's more prominent than the regular Cologne. It really is .. a l l u r i n g.

This is a very girly scent, imho. And I love it a lot. Very fruity, sweet (not sickly), yet floral. You can't really go wrong with Peonies. Very safe but valid choice.

This has got to be the perfect every day perfume. It's weird but you can really smell the salt. I never knew salt had a scent, but Jo Malone proved me otherwise. If you want something that is wearable, not too overpowering (like the Oud & Bergamot can be sometimes) and fresh then this one is for you. 

Can we take a moment to appreciate the displays they have? So C H I C

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  1. what a lovely post my dear
    the scent seems amazing, lovely picture
    simply love it!

    with love your AMELY ROSE


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