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November 28, 2016

C O F F E E  &  F O O D 

 Café Hawelka 

This is the one place I always have to visit when I go back to Vienna. My parents used to take me here when I was a little girl (that's me and my Dad in that picture) in the 90s and it still feels and looks exactly the same. I always order a "Wiener Melange", which is basically a cappuccino, but don't tell them. The owner of this café used to sit on a wooden chair, right at the entrance every single day until he passed a couple of years ago. This place might not be fancy, but it's an institution that's definitely worth a visit. 

Sweater - Review ღ Jeans - Zara ღ Bag - Zara 


Brilliant idea to open up an Italian place (food that everyone loves) and making it so "Brooklyn Hipster Industrial" - perfect for any person that seeks an aesthetic place to take photos of and to post online. I'm not the biggest Pizza fan, but only because I can rarely find good Pizza. And this one didn't disappoint, it was delicious and affordable. When visiting don't forget to snap a photo in front of the wall. 

I  g o t    b a k e d    i n   V i e n n a 

Sweater - Hallhuber ღ Jeans - Topshop ღ Boots - Vagabond

Café Hotel Sacher

Probably one of the world's most famous cakes and my personal favorite. My mum bakes it about 20 times a year, basically any time she bakes a cake it's a Sacher. It's chocolate ganache, apricot jam, chocolate cake. Can't go wrong! And this place is flawless.... just royal. We actually tried the other famous Sacher cake in Vienna (at Café Demel) and this one was much better. Sorry! Absolutely try it!

Café Latte Art

I mean .... HARRY POTTER THEMED COFFEE! Don't think I've ever been happier to order a cup of latte. We decided to get the Deathly Hallows, Harry's glasses and scar and stars and planets just because they are pretty and magical. This place is amazing... quite small but the staff is lovely and the owner was there and made the coffee for us and we had a nice and long talk about his latte art. Really amazing. You can get some of the standard latte art but you can also basically ask for anything you want and he will make it for you. And so affordable. They have two stores in Vienna right now but are expanding worldwide.. watch out!

I N S T A W O R T H Y   S P O T S

Belvedere Castle/ Museum

This is royal, there is no other way I can describe it. When you turn around you have a view over some parts of Vienna and we just hit sunset so it was stunning. There is an art gallery inside the castle, which we decided not to see. However, it's part of 'Viennese sightseeing' and it's a good location for taking photos as well.

Inner City / Stephansplatz

Because of its beautiful architecture, you can rarely find a place in the city that isn't 'photogenic'. But I've especially fallen in love with the area around the Stephansplatz and "Graben". 

 Vienna is famous for the so called "Fiaker", which are carriages that take you around for a ridiculous amount of money. I always feel quite bad for the horses, tbh so I've never taken a ride. 

This is at 'Julius Meinl' which is a store that sells baked goods, groceries, cheese and, of course, coffee. Very good coffee. There is also a café upstairs where you have an amazing view over the viennese shopping scenery. 

The Austrian Parliament building just takes you right to Greece, am I right? It's monumental. 

Have you ever visited Vienna? For me it's one of the most beautiful cities in Europe... everything is massive, monumental, royal... so much history. I absolutely love it.  

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  1. wow, wundervolle Impressionen
    ich war noch nie in wien aber bei diesen tollen Bildern
    muss ich echt meine nächste reise dorthin planen :D
    wundervoller post

    alles Liebe deine AMELY ROSE


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