Faux Shearling & Tan leather - Outfit of the Day

Oktober 28, 2016

Don't we all love the infamous shearling coat from Acne? Can we afford it? Most likely not. I've been looking for an Acne-style jacket for this winter, but most of them are extremely oversized - which is nice - but not when you are my height and size. I drown in them. So when I found this jacket a Zara I was really excited. Finally something for petite people, but still oversized. And I don't think I own a cream coloured jacket, because everything I buy is black, navy blue or grey.

This cream colour is actually already enough colour for me - so I just paired it with black skinny jeans, black boots and a black turtleneck.  What I love about this jacket is that it is really structured, which makes every outfit look more pulled together and like you've spent some time dressing yourself in the morning when really you  just put up black clothes and a coat on top. Perfect for lazy people like me. 

And because I was feeling totally crazy that day I paired it with an even more risqué colour: tan. I always feel like a little school girl when I'm wearing backpacks, but I couldn't resist with this one. I only wish it was big enough for my Macbook. If anyone know where to find a fashionable backpack that fits a Macbook Pro, please tell me... I just can't find one. But after spending an entire day out and about in the city with this backpack, I have to admit that it's really practical and so much more comfortable than a bag, which always end up hurting my shoulders anyways. 

o u t f i t  d e t a i l s:
Coat - Zara  x  Turtleneck Sweater - Vero Moda  x  Jeans - Topshop  x  Boots -  Vagabond  x  Backpack - Mango

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