My Everyday Makeup Products - Nars, Chanel, Charlotte Tilbury and YSL

Oktober 24, 2016

Hello beautiful people 

I've been shopping for beauty products like a mad woman the last couple of weeks or months. While I was really into full coverage, matte skin a while ago, it's all about the glowy, dewy finish for me now. I want that glossy, almost wet looking skin that Korean beauty models seem to have, but my skin is extremly dry (especially after spending two years in North Sweden) which makes it relatively hard to achieve that look. I've been trying and trying and I think I've found a compromise, that leaves me with dewy skin,doesn't emphasize texture and suits pale skin. 

This has been a holy grail product for me for a couple of years now, especially for days where I want more coverage. I usually apply this with a beauty blender just to avoid cake face and I go for the colour 'Mont Blanc'. Only downside to this: A little pricy and very hard to get a hold of when you live in Germany. I usually get it whenever I visit a Sephora (either during a trip to the US or France) and just pray that they have my colour in stock because Mont Blanc seems to be very popular. For days when I want less coverage, I will go for the Maybelline Fit me - Dewy & smooth foundation, which is very glowy - too glowy for oily skin for sure.

I have to admit that Youtube made me buy this concealer. Everyone and their mother were talking about this and hyped it up as a life changing magic product. Do I think it's magic? No. But it's pretty good and comparable to the Nars Radiant Creamy concealer.  I usually layer this concealer with Maybelline's Eraser Concealer, or the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. 

I used to use compact powders that had colour to them and one lady at a Chanel counter told me that it's really uncessary because my skin is not super oily and I don't need that much coverage. And thank you Chanel lady, best advice ever. I just use this to set my concealer and powder throughout the day just for a touch up. This is nothing special but it does what it says - powder and soak up the oils during the day. 

Oh wow. This product is amazing! It's 65€, which is a pretty penny. But i really think it's worth every cent! You get the most amazing contour powder for light to medium skin and the highlight is stunning! Gold champagne goodness! And look at that packaging - so shiny and rose gold... i just can't. I highly recommend this!

This is a cult classic. It's pink, it's red, it's glowy, it's amazing. I'm not the biggest blush addict, but this is about as good as it gets. And I think this colour would flatter any skin tone. Not much more to say about this.

Okay listen ... this is goals! HIGHLIGHT GOALS. I use this every. single. day. Even when I use a different highlighter I layer this on top. This is a super intense, can be seen from space, NASA will arrest you - kind of highlight. So if you want a natural look - don't go for this one. Note: this doesn't have glitters, just a beautiful shimmer. If you love highlighter - GET THIS.

I bought this at Selfridges in London just because I was so excited by the Charlotte Tilbury counter that I wanted to buy everything! And I don't regret it, this is a gorgeous cream eyeshadow that doesn't crease. The colour is a very natural, champagne gold with a beautiful sheen.  I usually slap this all over my lid, put a bronzy brown in my crease, some mascara and I'm done. Highly recommend.
I've included my two new favorite brushes for highlighting. I use the Real Techniques brush when I want a very bold and metallic highlight because it carries a lot of pigment. Whenever I want a more natural highlight or just want to intensify my highlight, I use the Zoeva brush. Good quality, affordable and very soft.

I got this lipstick when I was looking for a new everyday lipstick about 6 months ago. I bought it, put it away, forgot about it and found it again 1 month ago and have been wearing it non-stop. It's matte, but very comfortable, the colour is pretty natural and very flattering. Estee Lauder is such a timeless and classy brand, I really enjoy their products.

I'm collecting these lipsticks and I think they are the best ones on the market. What I like about them is that they feel like lipbalms, have very high pigmentation and leave a stain on your lips which means that the colour lasts for a very long time.  I wish they had more nude tones because most of their colours are pinks or reds. Still would recommend these to everyone out there. And I don't think I've ever seen more luxurious packaging from any other brand.

I got this mascara because it's suited for people with very dry and sensible eyes (I wear contacts). It's pretty nice, but I wish it would separate the lashes a little bit more. But I'm all for shorter lashes if it means that my eyes are not red and itchy after 20 minutes. The MAC eyeliner in an aubergine colour really compliments my green-blue eyes and helps them to stand out. 

Do you have any of these products in your everyday makeup bag? Is there anything that I should try out? Let me know! 

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