The perfect morning

Februar 26, 2016

R o u t i n e s

I've been spending not months, but years trying to become a morning person. I don't know what it is, but I just cannot wake up early in the morning and feel great about life and myself. At least it doesn't come naturally. I have to work really hard to build a routine that helps me to be a little more productive, especially now that I'm working on my Master thesis.

As for all the routines you want to work on, there is one mantra you should tell yourself every day:

You are never going to change your life (or in this case: your mornings) over night. You need to take baby steps and find things that work for you. I used to skip breakfasts in the mornings, but now over the years they have become something that I look forward to when I go to bed. Especially for the coffee. You don't need a fancy coffee machine or go to Starbucks (Especially because there is no Starbucks in Sweden). Just get yourself an Espresso maker and a milk foamer. Voilá - you got yourself a cappuccino fix for the morning. In terms of breakfast... just find something you really love. I know it might not seem important, but it really makes a difference to sit down, take some time for yourself, enjoy good food and a warm coffee. It gives me some time in the morning to relax, but I know that when I'm done I have to start work. 

I took the time to find some of the things I really love to eat. They are quite healthy, which makes a big difference in my opinion.

A v o c a d o  T o a s t

This has got to be the most basic-bitch breakfast on planet earth. But to be honest... I eat it at least every second day. It takes probably 1 minute to prepare, is extremely healthy and delicious (If you like Avocado... if not - get out). Usually I like to sprinkle some chili flakes and lemon juice, and I always eat whole grain bread. It just keeps you satisfied much longer. 

B r e a k f a s t  B o w l

I am actually a sweet breakfast person at heart. If I could I would eat a chocolate bar for breakfast, drink some hot cocoa with it and spoon my Nutella jar. But let's be honest, that's not really sustainable. So I've tried to find the best combination to really stop me from drowning in chocolate croissants. I usually opt for oatmeal with cinnamon, coconut milk, any fruit and berries and sometimes chocolate chips (yes, not even the healthy ones just Nestlé. Arrest me!). But I also love Alpro Soy yoghurt without any flavor or sugars inside. I sweeten every breakfast bowl with Agave syrup or coconut sugar. I love to sit at my desk, plan my schedule and snack on this for an hour.

B r u n c h  T i m e

This has to be my favorite activity in life. Going out for brunch, breakfast, coffee... any of those things. My sister and I are crazy breakfast people. Whenever we travel, we basically plan our trip around different breakfast places we want to see! There is really no way to stay healthy, unless you want to miss out on croissants, pastries and all the good things. And I really really really don't care. At all.  Cappuccino & Croissants are life.

So there are really not a lot of things a beautiful, barista'd cappuccino can't fix. If you make some effort to incorporate healthy choices and delicious coffee into your mornings, there is a good chance you find the motivation to tackle that thesis, class or office job. 

Let me know what you do to become a morning person. What am I missing out on? 

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