Get the Designer Look for Less - 5 Fashion Dupes (Gucci, ACNE, Balenciaga,Dior & Chloe)

Oktober 10, 2016

Ever seen a blogger wearing a piece of clothing that you just HAVE to have, then you click on it and to buy it you would have to sell your family, your organs and your dog? Been there, done that, even though I don't have a dog (sad). I'm the person that opens Topshop, ASOS, Missguided, Zara and Mango and is constantly on the new in section, browsing, searching, sorting 'from low to high' #noshame 

Even though I like to splurge on things every once in a while, I'm not going to spend a month of rent for a pair of shoes... never been that person, never will be. So I think I've become an expert on finding dupes or similar pieces for designer items.

the infamous balenciaga ceinture ankle boots  - 895 €

This is a classic by now... and it's back. This might be my absolute favorite ankle boot ever designed, because it's edgy, chic and everything fine combined.. But 900€ is not exactly a bargain.... I've come across several dupes, but this pair by River Island UK is by far the closest to the original imho. They might be a little more shiny than my liking and the buckles are not identical... but for 60€ I can deal with it. They still have a very similar vibe.

2 a c n e studios velocite oversized shearling biker jacket - 2300€   

If there's anything I want from this list it's this! This is literally my ideal fall/winter jacket, but 2300€ is ridiculous! I found what I think is a nearly perfect dupe at Zara for 89,95€. The only difference might be the quality, and the fact that the ACNE jacket is more structured.  

3 g u c c i Loafer Jordaan Leather with Horsebit - 595 €

Everyone and their mother have been talking about these... and almost every shop has started to design their own version of it. Some better, some not so much. I really don't think you will find a dupe that is of Gucci quality, their leather is incredible. But if you want the Gucci look for less - go for these by ASOS for 46,99€. I think they are pretty spot on, even down to the golden hardware.

4  d i o r  'so real' sunglasses - 590€

Absolutely top of my wish-list, that's for sure. But I've never been someone to splurge on sunglasses. I just don't see the point. Shoes and bags - yes. They're usually made from leather, which is something that lasts forever and really makes you feel the quality difference. But sunglasses? They go out of fashion so quickly and I always end up breaking them. So this is definitely the category I have absolutely no problem with... I have sunglasses that cost me 5€. Sure, quality is pretty bad, but it's not worth it. I really like the 'So real' design and think it's pretty unique and trendy. I've found similar ones by Choies which look pretty darn close to the original ones if you ask me. 

5 c h l o é Faye small shoulder bag - 1220€

I absolutely love Chloé's bags this year and the Faye is an absolute classic. It's extremely hard to find good dupes for handbags, because it's almost impossible to make them look as high-quality and beautiful as the designers. I found kind of a dupe for this one at Mango for 35,99€, which is pretty affordable. I've had a look at it in stores and the only thing I don't like is the quality of the PVC or faux leather (not sure what material it is). I think it looks a bit cheap because it's 'wrinkly'. Nevertheless, I think this is a timeless classic, especially in the nude colour.

What do you prefer? Dupe or Investment? 

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