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August 23, 2016

Hey  l o v e l i e s.

I decided to introduce a more personal category on my blog. Every month I plan on sharing my favorite beauty item, music, tv series, me time activity and my favorite person. I think blogs these days get way too generic and I don't want to solely focus on beauty. Beauty is something that I really like, but there are so many interesting things going on that it's not fair to only post current beauty products because they only represent a tiny part of our lives. 

Beauty item

Man this is really hard to nail down the one thing I really liked this month... but I think the #1 award goes to the  Flash Illuminator by the Estée Edit in the colour Spotlight. It is advertised as a high-impact highlighting cream that illuminates while providing skin-loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid. I either mix this in with my foundation, wear it as a primer or use it as a liquid highlight. Be aware that the consistency is not as liquidy as most illuminators, which means it alters the foundation formula. Nevertheless, this give me the most georgous natural glow especially when applying it with a beauty blender. It comes in five different shades with Spotlight being the lightest. I'm not sure if this is available everywhere, I picked it up at Selfridges in London.


Even though I do enjoy some Bieber, Drake and Britney every once in a while, my music heart does beat for old school Rock, Punk and Grunge. I might be that annoying person that keeps telling you that they don't make music like that anymore but I mean.. they don't. I've really enjoyed Radiohead this month. I think that Creep is one of the best songs of all time and it's always part of every playlist I make. Recently I came across a Cover that Scott Hoying (of Pentatonix) recorded with Caitlin Notey and omg was I blown away. Incredible really. I couldn't recommend this any more.

TV Series 

Okay first I have to mention Stranger Things. I have watched it twice within the last two weeks, just because I didn't really get everything the first time and my parents really wanted to watch it again. I think they did an extraordinary job playing into the whole 80s/90s nostalgia, and recreating the feeling that everyone had when watching E.T. or The Goonies. And it's actually one of the few Science Fiction shows the broad mass seems to love so congrats Netflix! Also I have to mention Pretty Little Liars. They've improved so much during this season because the last one was  really pushing everyone over the edge and turning fans into haters. It was getting so bad, but now it's pretty good (still not making any sense and fuck logics but okay). 

Me time activity

Among all the job hunting, getting used to living at home again (for now) and accepting that I am completely finished with my studies, I need to relax, wind down and just think about NOTHING. Really hard. Tv series can only do that much, reading a book is nice sometimes but it doesn't stop the thoughts. So I bought a colouring book (yes, i am 12), got some colouring pens and voila! I can't explain how satisfying it is to finish an entire page.  These have become so popular you can basically by them anywhere they sell books or magazines. 


My friend James Adams (@itsjamesadams on Instagram, @jamesadamsmusic on Instagram for some tunes). Incredibly talented, Instagram feed goals, up and coming! Follow him, he's always up for a fun time, traveling and photography!

What are your current faves? Did you also enjoy Stranger things and who is your favorite person right now?

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